Selling with BQ

Three Reasons to Choose Bill


Vast Experience

With over 10 years of experience in real estate and 100+ transactions completed, Bill knows the ins-and-outs of selling Bay Area real estate, from the price deciding to home staging to contract negotiating processes. He’ll make sure that you have a smooth experience in the entire selling process by setting out a detailed plan and staying in close contact throughout the process. 


Bill’s real estate experience not only offers you a stress-free process, it will also help you maximize your audience and profit. Our team’s vast experience in real estate has provided us insight into the best real estate marketing strategies in the Bay, from leveraging our connections to professional videographers, photographers, home stagers, and contractors to utilizing our large platforms on social media and agent networks (Facebook, WeChat, Zillow, Realtor). Our experience has also taught us effective ways of negotiating contracts to maximize profit from selling your home.


Large Support Team

While working on selling real estate, you aren’t just working with Bill. Bill has a team of over 400 team members, all ready to help you throughout the process, whether that be helping you work through contracts, arranging private appointments for potential buyers, or marketing your home through appealing videos, photos, and brochures. They’ll be by your side to answer any questions you may have or assist with any tasks that you might need to complete for the selling process, helping you have a smooth, stress-free experience.


Exclusive Industry Knowledge

What’s special about Bill is his knowledge about the housing industry. He’s worked on constructing houses in the past, which has helped him learn how to present the most appealing house, knowledge that will help you make the right choices to show your house in the best light. Through this construction experience, he’s also gained special connections to remodelers, contractors, and other professionals essential to the selling process, which he will leverage to make your house look even better and help you maximize profit.

Step-By-Step Selling Process


1. Initial Consultation

First, we’ll meet with you in person to fully understand your selling needs and goals. In this consultation, we’ll also educate you on the outline of the selling process, our role in assisting you, and your role in selling your home.


2. Determining Pricing Strategy

Once you start working with us, we’ll visit and evaluate your property, as well as conduct detailed market research to establish a competitive pricing strategy for your property. We'll keep you up-to-date on what’s happening in the marketplace, namely the price, financing, and terms and conditions of competing properties. This will help us come up with the optimal price and time for selling your property. 


3. Remodeling & Staging

Before opening up your property for others to visit, we’ll help you make necessary repairs and remodeling. We’ll also work with professional house stagers to stage your house both on the inside and outside at no cost to you to transform your property into a welcoming, appealing home for potential buyers.


4. Marketing for Sale

To ensure your property has the best publicity, we’ll establish a detailed marketing plan. Our team will create professional marketing materials (literature, photography and videos) that highlight the key selling points of your home. When marketing your property, we’ll utilize a wide variety of platforms, including but not limited to MLS listings, Redfin, Zillow, Craigslist, Facebook, and WeChat to ensure that we reach the widest audience.


5. Showcasing Your Home

One method of showcasing your home is through arranging appointments with potential buyers. We’ll maintain strong communication with all parties involved in the appointments and show them around your home, highlighting the key strengths of your property. In addition to appointments, we’ll also set up times for an open house based on your availability. We’ll provide all visitors with a warm welcome with snacks and drinks and ensure that they’re all properly attended to.


6. Offers And Negotiation

We’ll assist you in reviewing each buying offer and advise you on the crucial points listed in each offer. In addition, we’ll help you negotiate the terms of each offer according to your preferences to arrive at the best deal for you.


7. Closing The Deal

Once we finalize a deal, we’ll guide you through all of the paperwork and tasks that need to be completed in the closing process to officially hand over your keys to the new owner. Even after your deal has been secured, we’ll still remain engaged with you to work out any hiccups that come up after the deal has been processed.