Tingting Luo

As a real estate consultant, I am committed to providing the EXCEPTIONAL level of service, integrity and satisfaction to my clients.  I wholeheartedly help my clients in negotiating the highest price in their home sales or assisting them to successfully purchase their dream homes.  I am looking forward to helping you.  Your satisfaction is my success! 

Passionate, enthusiastic, bi-lingual, bi-culture, client facing specialist trained in conflict resolution and team building. Excellent communication, project management, inventory control skills developed over building my own business.


  • Trustworthy, honest and reliable
  • Professional, knowledgeable and persistent
  • Responsible, attentive and communicative
  • Customer-driven, hard working and results-oriented
  • Competitive, motivated and confident
  • Caring, approachable and dedicated


  • 5+ years’ financial and accounting experience
  • B.A. Economics: international business and finance, Brigham Young University
  • Fluent in both Chinese and English


  • I enjoy reading books and listening music.
  • I love travelling, enriching my life with wonders.
  • I happily volunteer in school and community activities.
  • I feel wonderful to chat with friends while tasting delicious food.
  • I always want to learn dancing.

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