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We know that it is important to work with a local real estate agent who knows the market. I live in, work in and love the Bay Area. Being of Chinese background, I have lived in San Francisco area for 20 years. I am fluent in both English and Mandarin. Being a mother of two lovely children, I have more patience and wisdom in communicating with clients. I specialize in San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate and look forward to helping you today. 

Outside of my work, I love reading, jogging, hiking and traveling. Reading opens my eyes, jogging and hiking strengthens my body and traveling opens my mind. I have two teenage children, one girl and one boy, who are the sweetiest kids I have ever had :). My husband, working as an engineer, is also my friend and partner in my life. Raini, my gray tabby cat,  is the one who comes to my side whenever I come home after work. She will comfort me by licking my face and purring in my arms.  

I have passions to serve the community. I have served in VITA(Volunteer Incom Tax Assistance) for the past 6 years (except 2016). I am also one of the supporters of Tricitynightingale, a Girls Voice Group serving Tri-city: Fremont, Union City and Newark.


多年前开始做房地产经纪,于我,这是一个全新的行业。我擅长数据分析,也肯花时间去了解市场,捕捉市场的脉动,也能把信息随时传递给客户。但事情总可以做得更好。为了提高服务质量,我去社区大学选修了公共关系的课程,以提升自我。另外我常常有机会服务社区,义务帮低收入人群报税,义务帮老人做翻译。 在服务别人的过程中,我收获更多,我懂得了不少与人相处的道理,我懂得将心比心,以心换取信任的重要性。我懂得换位思考,理解别人的重要性。善良的个性,诚实地做事,让我赢得很多客户的好评。我把对客户的服务放在第一位,生意不求多,只求做得好,一句话,无论买房卖房,找张颖,您一定放心。


我始终把服务社区作为生活的目标。从2012年起,我就参加国税局的义工组织VITA,帮低收入纳税人报税。另外我也有机会资助女生合唱团Tricity Nightingale, 合唱团经常去老人中心,教会,社区大学等表演,孩子们把美妙的歌声带给那些需要的人群。

Ying 2021 BQ Realty Certificate Awards copy 19


  • Trustworthy, honest and reliable
  • Professional, knowledgeable and persistent
  • Responsible, attentive and communicative
  • Customer-driven, hard-working and results-oriented
  • Competitive, motivated and confident
  • Caring, approachable and dedicated


  • Purchasing home
  • Selling home
  • Real estate investment


  • National Association of REALTORS®
  • California Association of REALTORS®
  • Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®
  • State of California Bureau of Real Estate Salesperson

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