Shiying Deng

Shiying现任职BQ Mortgage 团队Executive Director of Mortgage Development。Shiying在房屋贷款行业已经有超过13年的经验,在经纪公司、大银行和独立贷款公司等领域积累了广泛的知识和专业经验。作为一位心理学博士,Shiying拥有独特的视角,在与客户和同事建立强大关系方面表现出色。她的热情和专业素质,以及出色的客户服务质量和卓越的管理经验和技能,将为BQ Mortgage的发展带来重大贡献。


Shiying is currently the Executive Director of Mortgage Development for the BQ Mortgage team. With over 13 years of experience in the housing loan industry, she has accumulated extensive knowledge and professional experience in various areas such as brokerage firms, major banks, and independent loan companies. As a Ph.D. in psychology, Shiying has a unique perspective and excels in building strong relationships with clients and colleagues. Her passion and professional qualities, as well as her excellent customer service and outstanding management experience and skills, will make significant contributions to the development of BQ Mortgage.


  • Trustworthy, honest and reliable
  • Professional, knowledgeable and persistent
  • Responsible, attentive and communicative
  • Customer-driven, hard working and results-oriented
  • Competitive, motivated and confident
  • Caring, approachable and dedicated


  • Purchase loan
  • Refinance
  • No income loan
  • Bridge Loan


  • National Association of REALTORS®
  • California Association of REALTORS®
  • Silicon Valley Association of REALTORS®
  • State of California Bureau of Real Estate Salesperson

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